AIACV: Experience Architecture Campaign

Branding Identity






Problem Statement
Create a branding design to promote a multi-day event for a short campaign.

About Event
Experience Architecture is developed and led by AIA architects and associate members in collaboration with our allied members,  corporate partners and various community organizations.

It is designed to facilitate greater transparency with the public in how architects create our built environment and how it impacts their daily lives; to create an ongoing dialogue to inform a distinct, regional, architectural identity; and to highlight existing relationships between the region and its architecture.
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To translate the idea of beauty of architectural structures to the general public through clean, modern aesthetics in point, line, and plane; the foundation essential to creating a building. This is to help the audience understand that like any other craft, there is a process or an idea that starts off on a small scale but eventually expands from a point on a piece of paper to developing a line and eventually forming a shape. 

Being able to show a combination of the process that is need to design a building through a functional and practical manner in a linear system. In order to emphasize on structure and order, there will be no organic elements. This is to show the audience the effectiveness of why a framework is important as well as the design of the architecture through using strong, bold lines.