CSU Sacramento ASI Children Center

Problem Statement:
Throughout the course of doing fieldwork or volunteering at CSU Sacramento’s ASI Children center, a project that adapts what has been observed in the classroom along with Child Development principles that apply to the target age group must be completed. Assistance may be provided by the teachers from the classroom but students must also have the children interact with the project.

Collaborating with Teacher Christine Bergholm led to an idea of creating a storybook that would serve as a friendly classroom guide for children ages 12 months-24 months old in the Bambini 3 classroom. Children around this age group are starting to become more familiar with farm animals; thus, building their vocabulary. To add to their language and literacy development, the book is written with terms used in the classroom such as “friend” or “all done.” As a result of the project completed, a copy of the book is in Bamibini 3 and the children were able to recognize the characters such as “doggie” that would help guide them around the classroom just like their teachers.