Hakodate: Day 1


After spending one night in Tokyo, I headed off to Narita Airport (NRT) to take a 1 hour flight to my next destination, Hakodate (HKD). Hakodate is one of the southern cities in Hokkaido that is quite well known for their night view on top of Mt. Hakodate and delicious seafood at their Morning Market, which is nearby the Hakodate's JR Station.

Once we arrived to HKD airport, it took us around 30 minutes to ride the bus that took us to the Hakodate JR Station. Luckily, our hotel, Route Inn Grantia Hakodate Hotel was within a 5 minute walking distance. This was a very convenient location since it was also near all the buses that could go to either Hakodateyama (Mt. Hakodate) or Goryokaku (5 Star Fort). Additionally, the morning market is also within walking distance and I could not wait waking up the next day so I can have seafood as my breakfast. Yes! You heard me, seafood for breakfast. My mind cannot stay away from imagining myself devouring uni (sea urchin)!

After settling all of our luggages in the hotel, we went to the bus station to travel up to Mt. Hakodate. Make sure to bring a jacket as it gets really windy and cold up there when night comes. There is a bus information kiosk that you can go to if you're unsure of which bus to hop on to get to your destination. A tip I learned from traveling to Japan is that if you say "Sumimasen (Excuse Me)," the people around are more likely to try to help compared to speaking in English. Although in the last 10 years, I have also seen the Japanese people progressively improving their English that even station managers in the city subways and JR station can now speak better English. 

Additionally, for those who are not familiar with the bus systems in Japan, you enter the back of the bus instead of the front.  Additionally there should be a small box on the left where you need to grab these tickets for however many people are in your party. When you arrive at your destination, you go up to the front and place these tickets in a box near the bus driver while paying the bus fare. 

When we got off our stop, we walked a few minutes to reach the Mt. Hakodate Ropeway. A one way ticket for an adult costs about 780 yen ($7.80). I wouldn't suggest the roundtrip fare for the ropeway only because the lines get super long for the ride back (maybe around a 45 min. wait minimum depending on the crowd that night), so its better to take the bus back since it goes back all the way down to the Hakodate JR station. 

Inside the building, we went to go eat at the Restaurant Genova where we enjoyed watching the city of Hakodate bask in the sunset before being swept by the cool blues to signal the transition to evening. After eating dinner, we went outside to enjoy the beautiful night view. 

Did you know?

  • Mt. Hakodate is one of the top 3 night views in the world alongside Hong Kong and Naples
  • Notice the shape of Hakodate from the views, doesn't it resemble a dog bone!
  • Want to cherish the view? You can take a 8"x6.25" photo of yourself with the view for ~2500 yen ($25.00). It will be sent to you through mail and no worries, the company follows through.