Hakodate: Day 2


Today is the day! At 8 a.m., we set off to the morning market with excitement. I could smell the aroma of the fresh seafood in the cool morning air greeting me. Be sure to wake up early as the market closes promptly at 2 p.m. (time may vary due to different days/seasons). In other words, all the delicious seafood that you've been drooling over in your dreams may be sold out if you're a late riser.

10 years ago, I went to this exact restaurant booth with my family for breakfast every morning when we stayed here, so it was quite nostalgic to set foot in here. I'm 100% sure we are going to repeat that routine just based on how much we love seafood. Just be aware that the place is quite small, so it might be a little crowded if you decide to sit down and enjoy your meal. However, instead of just eating sashimi, the seafood is cooked in a barbecue style. No sauce needed. The fresh seafood gets grilled lightly before being served and you can choose to eat it with soy sauce and wasabi but I would highly recommend eating the dish without any condiment addition to appreciate the natural flavor. Our go to's were the juicy ama ebi (sweet shrimp), uni (sea urchin), abalone, and scallop. 

After breakfast, we went to venture around the market and stopped by the Hakodate Asaichi which had many food stalls clustered together that sold from a variety of vegetables, squid, uni, dairy products, and fruits. I wasn't able to take many pictures since it was quite crowded and I did have to help my mom carry around the many dried scallops, dried squid legs, and other goodies that could be used for making soup or just a quick savory snack. 

While walking around the town and enjoying the view, we came upon this cute little shop (with the green banner) that is apparently the world's second best ice cream melon pan (bread). Inside was fresh vanilla ice cream smushed between two soft yet crunchy melon bread making this quite the tasty treat. This combination reminded me of a more savory version that I had in Hong Kong called "Bo Lo You," which is pineapple bun that has melting butter inside of it. 

Then we came across a light beige house with blue trims surrounded by a short stone wall which happened to be the Tea Room Victorian Rose at the Old British Consulate. Behind this cozy little building was a gorgeous rose garden that was painted with many bright color roses such as light pink and peach. The afternoon tea was served with a traditional 2 tier serving tray decorated with sweets more than savory items (not that I minded) accompanied by a beautiful translucent rose pattern tea set.

For dinner, we went to the Hakodategaya, an Izakaya restaurant, which is within walking distance of the Route Inn Grantia Hakodate Hotel. It sits on the corner of the block but immediately I felt drawn to all the tanks that contained a large variety of seafood like squid. We got seated in a traditional tatami mat dining room where you had to take off your shoes before stepping into the dining room. Since we were quite hungry, we quickly ordered many appetizers such as squid, fried squid legs, sashimi plate, fresh green salad drizzled in ranch, and many more.  All the dishes you see below were all eaten in one sitting. For dessert, we bought snaffles from the Hakodate JR station to end the day on a sweet note. By the way these snaffles are similar to a fluffy mini dense souffle/cheescake texture with a rich cheesy yet subtle sweet taste.