Bold & Sprinkles


Branding Identity
Product Design
Marketing Campaign Strategy
Social Media Content & Graphics


Lucille Clark: CEO & Photographer
Bernard Remollino: Contributor
Patricia Wong: Chief Graphic Designer and Handletterer


Bold & Sprinkles is a passion project transformed into a brand new company that is about to launch on the crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter. Currently working  with the CEO, Lucille Clark and the B.S. team on product development and marketing strategies that fit the brand’s vision.

Visual Strategy
Bold & Sprinkles logotype captures the boldness and optimism of the brand’s personality in a minimalistic style. The handlettering of “bold” shows that“bravery” is a trait that comes in different forms, which is how the products fit under the brand’s message.

The design approach for Bold & Sprinkles is to create personable products that fit under the brand’s personality of “humor, happiness, and health.” The brand’s tagline “It’s all B.S.” emphasizes on the brand’s external message: to succeed, don’t take everything so seriously; always be brave and sprinkle life with humor and positivity.


Blood & Sprinkles: Cats & Cocktails Edition
Mix and mingle with the B.S. characters, each with their advantages and quirky flaws that help them through some catastrophes that happen during battles to satiate their wanderlust.

Black is used primarily to provide a sleek, sophisticated essence that matches the illustrated lined graphics. Shades of red alludes to the stages of attractions that can end up with commitment or certain catastrophes that end up in a paw swipe. Let's be honest, we all know how complicated dating can be nowadays in this tech era. The content and humor is based on research collected from dating terms based on popular dating apps like Bumble and Tinder as well as pop cultural references that appeal to millennials.


Kickstarter Campaign Strategy
Focusing on the concept of "compatibility," a competitive audit was conducted on popular dating apps like: Tinder, Bumble, and Coffee Meets Bagel. The content is based on the keywords and phrases that appeared on the dating apps such as "swiping" and "matching." A flirtatious tone is set in the description for the audience to identify with the stages of dating and the graphics match modern dating using technology (dating apps). It creates a more fun way to introduce the characters, gameplay, and the products using the brand's distinctive voice. So will you swipe left or swipe right to find your Mr. Right?