Client: Creative Arts and Technology (C.A.T)


Branding Identity
Icon Design

Web Content Design

The clutch that never goes out of style. C.A.T Clutch, an LED acrylic clutch with a unique functionality of pixel animations and scrolling text that redefines social experiences on a night out. 

Social Media Platforms
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C.A.T in America's Greatest Maker

Visual Strategy
Create a logo and branding identity that embraces the acronym of the luxurious, stylish acrylic C.A.T LED Clutch that redefines social experiences. Using Avada Theme Wordpress to revamp the C.A.T website in order to form a more user friendly experience and engagement with the product. Layouts and concepts were created to match the vision statement of "redefining social experiences." Icons from the "info" page were created in illustrator. to accompany its sleek, sophisticated aesthetic design and function.

  taken by: Francesca Malig

taken by: Francesca Malig