Launch Quest


Corporate Identity
Motion Design
Icon Design



Problem Statement
Create a cohesive corporate brand identity based of an original concept in a team of 4. Touch points are designed based on brand architecture and immerses customer experience of the brand. Detailed competitive audit and survey have been conducted in order to tailor brand to target audience.

Alexander Richmond: Graphic Designer
Brandon Griffin: Project Manager & Product Designer
Christian Jackson: Illustrator and Motion Designer
Patricia Wong: Creative Director

Launch Quest’s mission is to create a more open platform that lets gamers and developers from local communities have a more personal interaction. This gamefunding platform allows players to have instant access to support games made by independent developers and provides an opportunity for developers to gain exposure. When the community is empowered, it will thrive and enrich local gaming culture.

A display table for Launch Quest was created for CSU Sacramento's Annual Design Dept. 2016 Spring Show.

Visual Strategy
The design direction behind the corporate identity was to create a relationship of 2-D and 3-D games in a clean, Swiss style that also showed how impactful Launch Quest can be as a platform for both game creators and the gaming community.  

20160503_192154 copy.jpg