Rodan + Fields

Enhancing Consultant Enrollment with the VIP Box

Role: Product Designer
Tools: Figma, Coda, Miro, & Jira


Consultants are huge contributors to the success of Rodan and Fields products as they sell products to market the brand and share their favorites with customers. The Very Important Product Box (VIP Box) is an optional step where new consultants can use redeem an additional 30% discount on top of their consultant discount within 90 days. Currently this high value offer is not being redeemed after enrollment due to several issues found from an internal audit.

My Role

I collaborated with another designer to create a few iterations of how to present the VIP box within the consultant enrollment flow under management of 1 PM and 1 Design Lead. We also partnered with a copywriter to lift the content value before reaching out to our UX researcher to help us conduct some qualitative testing to collect feedback.

My Responsibilities
  • Designed hi-fi screens mobile, tablet, and desktop formats for the U.S., Canada, and Australia regions in collaboration with another designer
  • Presented design reviews to business stakeholders to get alignment
  • Testings mocks and created rapid prototypes with a UX Researcher and copywriter to gain qualitative feedback
How might we increase visibility and simplify the process to obtain the VIP Box for new consultants to redeem?

1. Increase redemption of the VIP box offer by showing value proposition to newly enrolled consultants
2. Reduce bounce rate of the VIP box page
3. Create higher visibility of the VIP box to new enrollees


Current Consultant Enrollment

A new consultant enrolling will enter their contact information first before entering the enrollment flow that is available in both English and Spanish. The new enrollee will attach to an existing consultant before proceeding to add their business starter pack ($75 value) that includes sample R+F products and select a tool plan to help start their business.

Painpoints in Internal Audit

  1. Low visibility - entry points to redeem this valuable offer is very hidden in the site navigation and on the order confirmation when a consultant is finished enrolling
  2. Copy is not reflective of where customers are in the checkout journey and doesn't provide enough clarity.
  3. Business Painpoint - decrease of consultant enrollment, which leads to less redemption of the VIP box

Design Questions

  1. What is the best placement for the VIP box within consultant enrollment to increase visibility?
  2. How to make it clear for new consultants there is a few requirements that needs to be fulfilled before they can redeem the VIP box discount code?

VIP Box Requirements

DEsign round 1

Creating a VIP Box Flow Within the Existing Consultant Enrollment

how it works
2 Options: Pre-Bundle Kits and Build Your Own Flow

1. After user adds their starter business pack (step 2), the next step is for the user to select their VIP Box type: pre-kit or choose to build their own.
2. Product Details Page shows a carousel of the regimens that user can select from and images of the products included in the kit.
3. If user selects "Build Your Own," they would see different categories of the products and a sticky order summary that shows the limit.


Conducted 2 rounds of design preference and copy testing to qualitative feedback from User Testing.


8 females ages 35-65
College level education
Existing R+F Consultants
$40k - $100k

Research Goals

To understand how much value the VIP box brings to the consultant enrollment flow for a new consultant that is starting their R+F business.

Research Questions
  1. Does the placement of the VIP box make sense in the consultant enrollment flow? (ex: before, during, after)
  2. Do users prefer to have a pre-kit to select from or/and the ability to customize their own VIP box?
  3. Do users understand the offer value based off of presented content through copy and business-driven content?
"The + sign in build your own reminds me of the expand and collapse feature that exists on the site, so it's not clear to me that this is to add an item."
- Anonymous User

"How do I remove the regimen from the product page? It feels difficult to go back to the VIP Box step. I am afraid I will lose my information and have to start over again.
- Anonymous User
Research Highlights
Almost 98% of users were able to understand the new copy value from the landing page. There was not a huge preference in terms of placing the VIP box before or after the tools step.
Issue: TOO COMplex and required too much development effort

Developers and the functional leads returned with the estimated story points for both design iterations that my colleague and I worked on; it exceeded way over what was expected. This happened because of one factor; the experience was too over designed. Also there was too much complexity with the build your own section and business stakeholders didn't want the consultant enrollment to feel like another checkout flow.

Design Round 2

Pivot to Leveraging the VIP Box Landing Page

After rethinking the strategy on how to create low LOE, the team decided to leverage the VIP box landing page since this page exists already. The team and I also decided to have the VIP box landing page placement coming after order confirmation in the consultant enrollment, so that the flow can leverage the site's mini-cart that will lead to review bag and regular checkout.

Project Design System

Defining the Design Patterns and Components

UI patterns:
  • using checkmarks in the step progress bar to indicate completion
  • Copy variations of the different pre-bundle + regimen combinations
  • Each pre-bundle kit will have a SKU that will correlate to the four different regimens depending on what the user selects
Utilizing the Mini-Cart and Review Bag

Because the mini-cart and review bag exist, the notifications of items added to bag, promotional lines, and applying coupon functionalities were already developed. The most important aspect is that the developers only have to add new SKUs for the pre-bundles for each of the four regimens, which decreases any development effort for new features. Additionally, the build your own option is using the regular shop path, so all the item SKUs therefore exist and only the coupon code logic for this offer needed to be created.

Pre-bundle option
  1. Landing Page
    After the enrollment is completed, the user is brought to a landing page with the four VIP box choices. The progress bar encourages that the user to complete this last step of enrollment.
  2. Select Regimen Modal (Only available for 2 of the pre-bundles)
    The user can now select one of the four available regimens that each have a short description of what the product does.
  3. Mini-Cart
    The pre-bundle with the selected regimen will appear in the mini-cart to indicate the selection the user has made.
Build your own option

Purchase from Shop Path and Apply Coupon in Bag

Improvements: Clearer notification statuses and promotional line copy to indicate that the discount is applied on top of the consultant savings that is already received.

Learning Outcomes

This project taught me how to pivot quickly to creating a MVP product when a concept is way overly designed and didn't fit within the budget for development. The key component was the communication between the developers and PM to understand feasibility as well as scaling back some product requirements in order to release this experience within the deadline.